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Based in Victoria, Australia “Communications Anywhere” is a part of Sheahan & Associates International (Telecommunications Consultants). Our Principal Liam Sheahan has over thirty six years telecommunications experience with government and industry. This web page contains a basic overview of our products, services and contact details.

Communications Anywhere can give you just that. Communications anywhere!      

The only provisos being access to a suitable landline connection, or a clear and unobstructed view of the sky in the direction of one of our satellites!


Below are some of our products and services:      


Telecommunications consulting: (Click Here)

We will ask you the hard questions! Then devise and implement a plan for your business.


IT consulting: 

More hard questions! SOE’s, Security, Total Enterprise solutions including your remote sites.


Project Management (Click Here)

(IT & Comm’s): We will manage your project and ensure your Total enterprise solutions are efficiently implemented and “locked down”


Telephone systems:  

P.A.B.X.’s, Key telephone systems, Single and multi-line long range cordless telephone solutions, provision, maintenance and servicing. (We use, support and recommend Aristel, Panasonic and NEC systems. Other systems supported as required.)


VSAT: Australian Broadband Guarantee Plans, Commercial Satellite Broadband Data and Telephone Terminals (Sales & Rental Options): (Click Here)

We can rapidly deploy cost effective broadband internet, toll quality telephone services, access to your Corporate VPN and a range of other services such as remote control of pumps, bores and monitoring stations, almost anywhere using quality “Hughes” terminal equipment and the “state of the art” NSS6 and GE23 satellites.


Site office set up solutions for the building, civil construction and mining industries: (Click Here) 

We specialise in urban, rural and remote locations. This includes cost effective provision of telecommunications services, wiring of site offices for telephone and data, devising a suitable plan to meet your telecommunication needs and then implementing it. We can also manage electrical and security requirements if required to do so. For short term and easily relocatable solutions check out our "Special Build Projects" page.


Set up, upgrades and relocation of your Business/Corporate Telecommunications facilities and services: (Click Here)

Complete telephone and data fit outs.


Special build projects:  (Click Here)

Mobile office / communications centres, TracStar Mobile and transportable VSAT terminals, Wireless “Hotspots” anywhere! P.O.A.


Third party Installations:  (Click Here)

Our Installers will install satellite terminals and other equipment for other service providers. Contact us for price and availability.


Pictures & Useful Information: (Click Here)


Contact us:





Privacy Policy:  It is our policy never to disclose any of our clients’ (or potential clients’) information to anyone unless it is required to do so for the benefit of that client. In addition, our employees and the contractors who provide services related to our information systems are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any information held by us. However, we will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to your information.

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